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Rose Quartz Glycerine Soap With Rose Essential Oil


Spoil yourself with Rose Quartz Glycerine Soap With Rose Essential Oil Soap

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Spoil yourself with one of our fragrant handmade, organic glycerine soaps.

Benefits of Glycerine Soap

Our handmade glycerine soaps are one of the most indulgent and moisturizing soaps available. Their unique properties allow them to be effective on all types of skin, including sensitive hypoallergenic skin. Our soaps are made from 100% natural vegetable glycerine and contain a neutral pH which will continue to moisturize your skin throughout the day.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. It is a powerful broad-spectrum Microbial Solution that contains silver ions and has amazing germicidal, antibacterial, anti-fungal, infection-fighting and healing properties, Colloidal Silver has been found to be helpful in healing cuts, wounds, rashes, acne, fever blisters, athlete’s foot, insect and spider bites, sunburn and tissue re-growth.

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is one of the oldest and best known of all the essential oils. The fragrance of rose is associated with love. It is warm. intense, immensely rich and cosy and is romantic, supportive and gently uplifting.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Gemstone

Rose Quartz enhances unconditional love and attracts posit forgiveness and tolerance. gentle, non-judgmental loving relationships, teaches forgiveness and tolerance.


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