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Phlebodium Aureum – Blue Star


Polypodiaceae is among the largest of the fern families, representing more than 60 genera. Within this Phlebodium aureum, the blue star fern is one of four Phlebodium species, which originate from the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas and are easily differentiated.

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Plant Light


Grow Phlebodium aureum in a bright spot with little or partial direct sun. They will tolerate sun a little more than most other ferns.

Plant Water & Soil

Water & Soil

Water generously once you notice the pot drying out, continuing until water runs out of drainage holes at the bottom. Alternatively submerge the plant in a sink or bucket of water until all the air bubbles (old oxygen) have been forced out from the soil and allow it to drain. Take care not to over water, Phlebodium do not like to be constantly soggy.

pets toxicity


This plant is not toxic to cats and dogs.

Note: Our plants are sold in nursery pots, unless specified differently. Our nursery pots vary in colour, and will be either black, white, green or terracotta.

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