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Maidenhair Fern – Adiantum


Maidenhair Ferns are beautiful indoor plants. It does well in lower light areas, and is safe for pets.

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Plant Light


The Maidenhair Fern as it lives in it’s natural environment which is in a forest covered by trees. So it likes shade and partial sun so the best spot for this fern would be out of any direct sunlight as it’s leaves are sensitive to direct rays from the sun.

Plant Water & Soil

Water & Soil

The maidenhair fern prefers moist but well draining potting soil. Never let the soil dry out completely. You can water it daily and keep it in a nursery pot and then inside another decorative pot so that the soil can drain.

pets toxicity


Safe for cats & dogs.

Note: Our plants are sold in nursery pots, unless specified differently. Our nursery pots vary in colour, and will be either black, white, green or terracotta.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions160 mm


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