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Heart Leaf Fern in hanging basket – Hemionitis arifolia


The Heart Leaf Fern or its botanical name Hemionitis Arifolia is a beautiful indoor plant that thrives in tropical type environments where humidity is moderately high and shade is abundant. The heartleaf fern can be a bit more delicate and require a bit more attention.

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Plant Light


Exposing this plant to direct sun will cause immediate dryness and death. Place it in a spot where it gets bright light like close to a window but out of direct sunlight.

Plant Water & Soil

Water & Soil

The right time to water this plant is to check when the top layer of soil is dry. Check about 2cm deep. When repotting this plant, it’s normal for some leaves to die off at first. Water once a week in the summer and maybe once a month in the winter. If you give too much water, the plant can get root rot.


pets toxicity


The Heart Leaf Fern – Hemionitis arifolia is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Note: Our plants are sold in nursery pots unless specified differently. Our nursery pots vary in colour and will be either black, white, green, or terracotta.


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