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Begonia Elatior-Red


Elatior Begonias are a wonderful and bushy member of the Begonia family that is semi tuberous and have been specifically grown to have long indoor flowering seasons.

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Plant Light


They prefer bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight. Foliage scalds easily in the sun, and overheating may damage these tender plants.

Plant Water & Soil

Water & Soil

Elatior Begonias prefer evenly moist soil that does not dry out between waterings. To check the soil, insert your finger into the soil to a depth of 1 inch. If the soil feels dry, your begonia needs watering.

pets toxicity


This plant is toxic, and cause vomiting & salivation in dogs/cats. Most toxic part is underground.

Note: Our plants are sold in nursery pots unless specified differently. Our nursery pots vary in colour, and will be either black, white, green, or terracotta.


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