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Asparagus Densiflorus – Meyerii


This beautiful asparagus fern is very easy to care for plants and will be a great addition to your indoor plant family collection. The longer the stems get, the more they start hanging so this plant creates a cool look in your home. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is adaptable and happy in a number of different environments.

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Plant Light


This plant likes moderate indirect filtered light but can cope with lower light too. Protect from direct sunlight which can scorch the fronds.

Plant Water & Soil

Water & Soil

Water when the top 2.5cm layer of soil has dried out. This Asparagus fern stores water in its tuberous roots so doesn’t need watering too often, especially in a more shady spot. From Spring to Autumn keep the soil moist using water at room temperature, but do not allow the plant to sit in water so make sure it drains properly. Avoid letting the compost dry out completely. Water the plant less in winter as the soil stays wet for longer and to avoid root rot.

pets toxicity


This plant is toxic to dogs and cats. The toxic agent in this plant is sapogenin – a steroid found in a variety of plants. If a dog or cat ingests the berries of this plant, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or abdominal pain can occur.

Note: Our plants are sold in nursery pots unless specified differently. Our nursery pots vary in colour, and will be either black, white, green, or terracotta.

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