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Plants Make People Happy

Plants Make People Happy

Plants Make People Happy

Indoor plants or houseplants add a feeling of life & freshness to your home. There is a reason why everyone is obsessed with creating lush indoor spaces – Plants improve your mental & physical well-being in ways you didn’t even realize.

You are not just adding greenery to your home, but also plants that will interact with your body & mind.

Indoor Plant Benefits

  • Indoor plants purify the air & remove toxins
  • They produce oxygen
  • Indoor plants help boost your mood, energy, & creativity
  • They help to reduce stress & anxiety
  • They help to humidify the air in your home which in return helps with allergies


NASA has been able to show that certain indoor plants are exceptionally good at purifying the air. They have been doing studies on indoor plants, with the hope of using their benefits for future space stations. You can see the NASA houseplant list here. It includes the following popular plants:

English Ivy
Aloe Vera
Spider Plants
Peace Lilies
Snake Plants
Philodendron Varieties
Weeping Fig
Gerbera Daisies

For more information, read the NASA study here.


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