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About Us

Welcome to Wicked Good

Thank you for visiting our online shop!

We started Wicked Good in 2020 when we realised that the Covid pandemic left room for plant lovers & esoteric souls to find everything they need in one place online.

An uncertain future of limited contact, as well as looking for a straight-to-your-door solution for plants & incense, was what sparked our online shop.

We source all plants from local growers & farms to support the local economy. All our smudging herbs are grown, picked, and dried by local suppliers. We use local t-shirt makers & printers. We also hand-make a mix of unique, one-off items like tote bags, hand-poured soy candles, etc.

Our name Wicked Good is inspired by the push-and-pull between contrary forces within all of us that may just be complimentary. The notion that there is no good without wicked, and no wicked without good. Yin and yang. Wicked Good is about acceptance & finding the balance within yourself.

Life is a constant pursuit of happiness, and we were very fortunate to start a shop from all the things that make us happy. A little shop of happiness – as we like to call it.

We do hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and that you find a little slice of happiness on here.

Light & love!