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About Us

What makes us Wicked Good

Hello and thank you for visiting our online shop! The shop was founded at the end of 2019 when we realised that we love plants, we’ve always wanted to print funny stuff on t-shirts, we love meditation and burning incense in the house to give it that homey relaxing feeling.

We bought our first house together a few years ago and we have been decorating it ever since. Every week we will move something because we think it might look better in that corner or we will add a plant here and there. We love painting the house and adding new things to make our house a home. We’ve always been very handy and DIY. We’ve built our own Kiaat hardwood dinging table, we built a TV cabinet and we’re always up-cycling things to give it a new purpose.

What we have realised in the last few years, is how plants give your home life, it cleans the air and it produces fresh oxygen. And it also adds color to your home and gives it the feeling of freshness. Plants can become like pets after awhile so you need to take care of them.

So we have always dreamed of having our own business in either a physical shop or an online shop. So we decided to open an online shop where we sell everything we love like home decor, art prints, rugs, live plants, jewelry, t-shirts, hand made scatter cushions, meditation products like incense, incense holders, smudge sticks, tote bags and pet accessories like cat pillows.