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5 DIY Organic Natural Fertilizers for Indoor Plants

5 DIY Organic Natural Fertilizers for Indoor Plants

5 DIY Organic Natural Fertilizers for Indoor Plants

Using natural fertilizer for houseplants that do not have access to outdoor soil, is a great way to encourage lush growth and promote flower production. Natural houseplant fertilizer steadily releases nutrients into the soil and is a safe alternative, when compared to chemical fertilizers. Natural fertilizers are eco-friendly & will help improve the quality of your indoor potting soil. Most suggested ingredients for home fertilizers are most likely readily available in your home.

Household waste such as coffee grounds, eggshells, banana peels & green tea work wonders when used for indoor fertilizer. Natural organic material provides nutrients & fertilizes your houseplants naturally.

Coffee Grounds
Coffee Grounds are rich in nitrogen & are wonderful to encourage lush foliage growth.
How to: Used coffee grounds can be mixed with potting soil, used for compost, or you can make a liquid coffee fertilizer by soaking them in water for a week.

Banana Peels
Banana peels contain high levels of potassium, as well as small amounts of nitrogen, magnesium & phosphorus. This combination means that banana peels are a great slow-release natural fertilizer for houseplants.
How to: Enrich your soil by laying strips of banana peel on the soil, or cutting them in pieces & mixing them into the soil. Another clever option would be to add the peels to hot water, steep them overnight, puree them with the water the next morning, & then simply pour the mixture onto the soil.

Fish Aquarium Water
Using aquarium water to fertilize your houseplants actually mimics the natural nitrogen cycle. In nature, plants in and around a pond will process and make use of nitrogen waste produced by fish, helping the plants grow and filtering and cleansing the water for the plants.
How to: When changing the water in the aquarium simply water your plants with the old water. This process imitates nature’s nitrogen cycle.

Eggshells are a great natural fertilizer for houseplants. Eggshells provide the essential plant micronutrient – calcium. Eggshells also help to lower the acidity level of the soil.
How to: Clean eggshells & crush them. They can then be mixed directly into the soil when you are potting your plants or you can make a “Fertilizer Tea” by adding your crushed shells to a jug of boiling water, stirring & then letting it steep overnight before adding to your indoor plants.

Green Tea
Green tea grounds are a great option for fertilizing acid-loving houseplants such as Begonias and African Violets. Tannic acid within the tea leaves lowers the pH and the high nutrient concentrations ensure your houseplants will grow strong and healthy.
How to: Twice brewed green tea can be used directly on your houseplants after it has cooled or you can keep and compost the green tea leaves and grounds to use later.

When a plant is growing indoors it uses nutrients from the potting soil. These nutrients are not being naturally replaced, & some nutrients are lost over time as you water your plant. Providing your plant with fertilizers helps replace those nutrients & keeps your potting soil healthy & nutrient-rich.

Only fertilize your indoor plants when they are actively growing, this is usually during Spring and Summer. Research your plant and its specific needs. This helps you to understand your plant & better care for it. Happy growing!

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